Sunday Routine to Reset for the Week

Sundays are different for everyone. But if you’re like me and want to set your week up for success here’s some ideas of what works for me. Maybe it’ll work for you, or not.. But hopefully it gives you some inspiration to try something new to add to your Sunday routine to reset for the week!

Clean sheets, Happy Tori

To start, I like to change my sheets weekly. This may seem simple, but I didn’t start to do this until after I graduated college. Now, this has become a habit and it makes a difference in overall cleanliness. Something about clean sheets helps me sleep better at night. It’s the simple things to add to your Sunday routine to reset for the week. 🙂

Meal preparation!

The next thing I do is meal prep. I hear from friends and coworkers that they don’t like to prepare meals for a couple reasons. One is they don’t want to eat the same thing multiple times. To that I say, split your week with two types. Do three days for one meal and two days for another. Or prepare two different meals for four days and then have one day be a left over day from the dinner you eat.

You can definitely split things up and you don’t have to prepare just one thing for the whole week. 

There has also been push back regarding the time it takes. Yes, meal prepping does take time. But think about the quality of food you pack for lunch the morning of. If you even get to pack a lunch. I know when I do this last minute, it’s all random things, or I probably forgot something, or it’s just not enough food.

The time you put in preparing meals probably equals the time it would take every morning to pack it. If anything, think of the quality of food you will be eating for the whole week. So this could leave time to do something else, or maybe sleep in if you need it.

Either way, you can experiment and try new meals and see what you like and don’t like. I also love to use these Bento Boxes because they’re super sturdy and have utensils that come with. I am always forgetting a for so seeing this special compartment always reminds to check for a fork.

Add meal prepping to your Sunday routine to reset for the week!

Overall clean space

Cleaning the apartment is a must! On Sundays I love to clean my space and make it organized. During the week, I can get messy and start to throw things around so it’s nice to reset, put things in place, and deep clean from the week. From vacuuming to clearing my desk, to folding clothes, it all needs to be done. I love using Branch Basics as it’s toxic free and safer to use compared to the cleaning supplies in stores.

The truth

I won’t lie. Some Sundays I feel super lazy and might wait a couple extra days to do the sheets, or make meal prepping super easy to where it’s just chicken, rice and some type of veggie.

We’re all different, so do the things that make you feel accomplished and feel good. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. All that matters is that you feel ready good with your Sunday routine to reset for the week! 🙂

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