Raleigh Bars and Restaurants 

Visiting Raleigh bars and restaurants for the first time did not disappoint. The day was packed with things to do as we had less than 24 hours in the city. Some places we checked out include bars, restaurants, and a street festival that happened to be going on. It was super easy to get around using lime scooters and Uber. We did drive from Statesville, NC which is outside of Charlotte to Raleigh that was an easy 2 hour drive.

PNC Plaza in center of Raleigh bars and restaurants
City night lights


For breakfast we ate at Big Ed’s City Market restaurant. Highly recommend the “chicken fried chicken” that comes with gravy, eggs, and a biscuit. It was delicious and a perfect southern meal to start the day. Throughout the day we stopped at Vidrio for snacks and a drink. Of course we had to get charcuterie and some fun cocktails. This is located on a strip of bars and restaurants. We ended the day getting sub sandwiches at Publix, the local grocery store. Later on, we walked around the town and came across a street festival and shops. Vidrio for snack and drinks


There’s more to the city than just Raleigh bars and restaurants. There was a bluegrass and barbecue festival which is actually called the Cuegrass Festival. Here you can find games, vendors, live music, and good barbeque! 

Not too far away are vintage clothing stores like Unorthodox Vintage and Pallbearer. Both have tons of options and trendy clothes if you want to get some shopping done. I found the cutest leather skirt and a flower claw clip for spring/summer time.


We continued around town to get a tour of the city to take advantage of the time we had. A few more bars we stopped at were Watts and Ward, Raleigh Beer Garden, and Boxcar. Raleigh Beer Garden is one the biggest beer gardens as it has over 350 types of beer! Boxcar was a fun arcade bar so of course we had to play PacMan and dance, dance revolution.


Raleigh is a drivable city as there wasn’t too much traffic and easy parking. The plan was to take the Greyhound bus but the bus left earlier than expected so we missed it! Lesson learned- always track the live time of the bus to see what time it’s leaving at and give yourself plenty of time! We had to pivot and ended up renting a car driving from Statesville near Charlotte and drove to Raleigh. Once we were in Raleigh, we hopped on lime scooters to get around the city which was super easy. The Lime app had a deal going to ride for 60 minutes for $11 which is a deal because it was about $4-$5 for an 8 minute ride. 

Overall thoughts

Raleigh was such a fun city to experience with lots to do. It gave small city vibes, as it was quieter and less crazy than a bigger city. With less than 500,000 people, I can see this city expanding in the future. I could easily spend more time here to enjoy the parks, museums, and sports games! It’s also within a few hour drive to surrounding cities like Charlotte, Wilmington, Norfolk, Richmond, and more.

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