Weekend in Bari

Airport to Airbnb

Traveling from northern Italy, this was a perfect getaway trip by spending the weekend in Bari. We quickly grabbed a taxi after landing and drove 30 minutes to where we were staying in Mola Di Bari. The Airbnb was perfect for 3 of us as there was a master bedroom and a couch, along with a petite kitchen and rooftop to enjoy dinner and the sunset. The train station was about a 16 minute walk from our Airbnb which was our main mode of transportation. The trainline app could not make it any easier.

Mola Di Bari train station

Breakfast in Italy

To keep expenses low we went grocery shopping to grab the necessities to make dinner and breakfast. Walking along the water near our Airbnb, we found a café where we ate croissants and coffee. Don’t expect a big breakfast in Italy. Being from America you have these huge breakfast options including, but not limited to eggs, bacon, toast, oatmeal, fruit, pancakes, etc. However, the croissants are always delicious so I do not mind eating those every day.

rooftop brekky

Places visited in Bari

As mentioned before, we didn’t need to rent a car for the weekend in Bari because the train took us to where we wanted to go. If we didn’t use the train, we walked because that’s the best way to learn a city and stumble upon more hidden, or local places. During our weekend trip here, we visited Castello Svevo Di Bari, Polignano a Mare, hidden cafes, and hung out on the rocks near the water. 

Castello Svevo di Bari

Castello Svevo Di Bari included a fee to get in which was about 5 Euro for ages over 18 and it’s free for 0-17 year olds. Here we walked around the Castle as it was self guided and appreciated the architecture and history. It was built in 1132 and is surrounded by a moat except on the northern side. 

We stopped for some food and of course grabbed an Aperol Spritz. As we walked through the town, we found some fisherman hanging out on the rocks so that’s what we did! We climbed down the ladder and spent some time on the rocks soaking up the sun. 

Quiet water spot

Later on, we visited Polignano a Mare where we spent the day and enjoyed swimming in the Adriatic Sea.

One viewpoint of Poligano A Mare

Travel tip when spending a weekend in Bari

Be ready for lots of people as you can walk throughout the town and find quieter places, but the main viewing point is filled with people. You can swim into the caves and cliff jump. We were lucky enough to find a spot to sit along the rocks where there was just enough room to sit and jump into the water and able to climb back out.

Sitting on the rocks overlooking the Sea

When traveling to Italy, definitely add Bari to your list! There’s so much to do, even if you just spend the day in Polignano a Mare and enjoy the water. This is just one of the perfect places to spend a weekend in Bari.

If you want more ideas of places to visit in Italy, check out Lake Como as it is one of my favorite spots!

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