Vacation in Australia

Studying abroad in Australia opened my eyes to a whole new world. I visited right before the pandemic in 2021, and need a vacation in Australia to make up for lost time. If you’re looking forward to a vacation there, here are some tips!

Culture of Aussie

The culture of Australia is very unique. Going through airports, they let me bring a WATER BOTTLE through security! Now, if you’re from the United States then you know this is a wild thing. I was so surprised and looked at him, like “my water is half full, are you sure?” They did not mind and even threw in a smile. They are indeed laid back people riding the train no shoes and a surfboard in hand. True story. I studied abroad in Gold Coast and went to the beach often.

Vacation in Australia at Burleigh beach look out
Burleigh Beach

Conscious consumer

One of the first things that we were advised to do upon arriving in Manly, Queensland is that 5 minute showers are highly encouraged. I set a timer just to be sure and made it speedy. It made me realize that we don’t need to take 20 minute showers (every time). When we got food to go, it was usually packaged in cardboard boxes with paper straws. Another thing that was interesting, was that our apartment didn’t have a dishwasher or microwave. I’m not sure if that’s just on campus housing or how other apartments come as well.

Easy to get around

We got train and bus passes that we would fill up for the week and use to tap on and off to pay for rides. This is an easy way to hop between cities and head to the beach! Uber was also accessible and was used to get around for further locations or late night travel after the bars.

Soaking up the sun on the beach
Surfer’s Paradise Beach

Study Abroad

I didn’t technically vacation in Australia, even thought that’s what it felt like since I was there for 5 weeks. I was supposed to be there for a while semester of college, and then the pandemic happened so it ended early. It felt like a vacation because we were having so much fun and getting settled into our dorms and beginning internships, that it didn’t feel like school yet. When we left, all school was online. I was in California doing courses for Griffith University in Australia while also doing classes that were in Philadelphia at my home school, Arcadia. To say it was hectic, is an understatement.

None the less, it was an amazing time with memories I’ll cherish forever.

Cairns, The Great Barrier Reef

So one of the last adventures in Australia was visiting Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. We snorkeled, bungee jumped (check out the video), ate yummy seafood, and stayed at Mad Monkey which was a hostel in the town. We hiked a bit and came across the Kuranda Railway which looks like so much fun! These are must do things when you vacation in Australia. It’s easy to hop around the country when cheap flights are found.

Kangaroos along the water
Kangaroos in the wild

Sydney, The Opera House

Sydney is such a fun city to explore! They had a fun park that was adult friendly with lots of alley ways including food, museums, activities, and of course, the Opera House. Next time, I’d love to go inside to see a show. It was fun to walk around the city and see the different architecture and enjoy some food in the food court.


If you go to Australia, PLEASE send me pictures or tag me in them on IG- thrutoriseyes! Check out the best places to travel here!

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