Coffee Shops in Pacifica

A small city outside of San Francisco, you’ll find Pacifica! This little beach town holds roughly 40,000 people and some coffee spot gems! I do not like spending a ton of money on coffee, as I view it more as a treat. But, if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on coffee, keep reading to find the best coffee shops in Pacifica! Here I have included three different cafes that have totally different vibes.

Coffee shops in Pacifica

After a few days of research and trying new coffee shops, I enjoyed these three places for different reasons. A quick list of the places I stopped at are: Beach Monkey, Pacific Java, and Soul Grind. Continue to the end to figure out my favorite spot!

Beach Monkey

This hidden gem is definitely a locals only place. Beach Monkey is tucked inside Linda Mar in a very small plaza. If you are not in a rush, and want to enjoy an Acai Bowl then you can sit either inside or outside. I visited late in the morning and experienced low waiting time. There’s a nice big table that sits about 6-8 people if you want to have a small business meeting, enjoy coffee and food with friends or family, or grab a coffee by yourself, this is the place to do it! The space is limited, but if it’s not busy it is a nice quiet spot to be. I ordered the Rockaway Acai Bowl, which was delicious. In addition, I had the Café Chai which was sweet like whip cream in it and it didn’t have a strong chai taste, so it was pretty perfect. I paid about $15 for the bowl and coffee.

Beach Monkey coffee shops in Pacifica
Rockaway Acai Bowl and Cafe Chai

Pacific Java 

Pacific Java is located in a more busy area. More busy than Beach Monkey, but not as busy as Soul Grind. As it is one of the stores in this plaza, it is less of a local spot than Beach Monkey. There are gift shops, restaurants, and a variety of stores to check out nearby. The great thing about this place is that it is close to the beach. You can sit inside (upstairs or downstairs), outside, or take your coffee to go and walk along the beach! If you want to see what’s going on in Pacifica for the week or month, there are tons of fliers and business cards on the wall next to the pastry display. I went later in the morning again and it wasn’t a long wait. There were a handful of people sitting inside, and outside as well. The coffee menu has a wide variety to choose from, and the food was limited to pastries and small sandwiches. I ordered the Turmeric Chai to bring back home. This cost me about $5.75 and it was nice to quench my thirst.

Pacific Java coffee shops in Pacifica
Behind me are the fliers about what’s happening in Pacifica!
tumeric chai pacifica coffee shops
Tumeric Chai

Soul Grind

Soul Grind coffee shop is always busy. This is where all the surfers park, and whether you’re a local or from out of town, this café is the place to go. For good reason too, because the coffee is always good. The food menu is filled with options like salads, sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. It has been an up and coming place, but the amount of people has never changed. I am so happy it survived the Pandemic where small businesses shut down. You’ll find a variety of people who do work on their laptops here, grab brunch with friends or family, or my favorite thing to do-  take the coffee and go for a walk on the beach. You have the option to sit inside or outside, as there’s tons of space so I’m sure you can find a spot to sit. Parking is a bit crazy, so if you go here, this is your warning that parking is hit or miss. They have merch like t-shirts that they sell as well which is a great way to support local businesses. I ordered the Cliffside coffee with Almond Milk so it came out to about $7. 

inside soul grind coffee shops in pacifica
Inside Soul Grind
Cliffside coffee

Support small coffee shops

The main reason I wanted to highlight these coffee shops in Pacifica is because they are all small businesses. Each place has its perks whether that’s being more secluded or being in the heart of what’s happening in this beach town. With Starbucks also being an option nearby and close to the same price as these other coffee shops, I hope you choose to support a small business café. I bet you’ll find it just as delicious and convenient as Starbucks, but hopefully more! You may also enjoy the things locals enjoy everyday. I understand some of these prices may be a bit much, but of course sizes vary and types of drinks vary. My favorite place is definitely Soul Grind since it’s so close to the beach and their coffee is always yummy.

coffee shops in pacifica

And for lunch, stop by the most beautiful Taco Bell in the world… located right on the beach!

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