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Toxic ingredients are all around us. When I walk into grocery stores, reading which ingredients are used is not something I usually do. As you pick out your cleaning supplies, do you know what ingredients are included in them?

Paying attention to what is in my products did not seem important until I was introduced to Beautycounter a year ago. It’s tough to keep track of what ingredients to stay away from. That’s why I shop with brands that are actively making a difference. I am moving into my new apartment and want to include more safe products that I use daily. Branch Basics was founded by Allison, Kelly, and Marilee who dealt with life threatening diagnoses that were then improved by removing harmful ingredients. Stories like this are what gives me hope and motivation to create a better life for myself and those around me.

the starter kit cleaning supplies
Premium Starter Kit for $75, and an additional cost for the wool dryer balls.

Branch Basics Cleaning Supplies

Thanks to social media and the community of people who dedicate themselves to living a life without toxins, I found Branch Basics. The Premium Starter Kit is perfect since it includes all the necessities. For only $75, this kit that comes with a concentrate and oxygen boost that you put into the bottles and mix with water. It comes with streak free, bathroom, and all purpose spray bottles, as well as foaming wash and laundry detergent. I add the $19 wool balls for the dryer that replace dryer sheets. You can also put essential oils in them to help your clothes smell aromatic. I used a friend’s code to get me $10 off and you can use this link to get $10 off your order! 

Clean your space

How great is it to work in a space that is clean? Honestly, cleaning is one of my favorite things to do. And it’s pretty easy to clean with this kit! To start, use the concentrate to build your bottles and then top it off with water. Each bottle shows you exactly how much water to use and how much concentrate to pour in. The concentrate allows you to have 3 all purpose bottles, 3 streak free bottles, 3 bathroom bottles, 3 foaming wash bottles, and 1 laundry detergent bottle. Using products that are toxin free allows for a healthier space to live in.

concentrate cleaning supplies
The concentrate bottle explains how many
cleaning bottles you can get out of it.


This catchy phrase from Branch Basics are words to live by. It can be overwhelming choosing what cleaning supplies are best for you and your family when there are so many options out there. Some companies are involved with greenwashing. Greenwashing is when companies show they are sustainable for marketing reasons but is not doing active work to be sustainable. It is understandable that it can be easier and more accessible to grab what you need at the grocery store and go. Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait 7 days until it ships to your house. Tossing the toxins doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you swap one thing, that’s an improvement. The regulation of ingredients in America is not the greatest when compared to other countries.

We have to work together and share the brands that do look out for our health. The stories of people removing harmful ingredients literally change people’s lives and improve their health for the better.

Spray bottle cleaning supplies
All purpose spray, streak free, bathroom, and foaming wash.

Get started with your journey

If you’re ready to change your cleaning supplies, and toss the toxins, start with Branch Basics. You will not regret it. You also receive free shipping on orders over $39!

A mission for healthy homes

This company and their mission focuses on creating a more safe environment to live. When you clean, think about how many products you use. You can swap these cleaning supplies with this Starter kit, or choose a few items to start with. It can be a big purchase, but it is your health and your home we’re talking about. Branch Basics cleaning supplies perform well and it does not include that strong, synthetic chemical smell other cleaning products give off.

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