Budget friendly travel tips

While I can offer some general tips for budget-friendly travel, it’s important to keep in mind that specific information may vary and what fits me, may not fit you. And vice versa. Here you will find lesser-known tips for cost-effective travel to ease the stress of having to spend lots of money. Take these tips and find places to go by checking this blog out!

see the world with budget friendly tips like off season
See the world by using budget friendly tips

Variety of tips

Below you will find a variety of budget friendly travel tips on how to afford different things like transport, food, activities, discounts, and more. Figure out where you want to spend your money and you don’t care to spend it. Whether it’s on more comfortable housing, better food experiences, variety of activities, etc. You can cut back on other things. For example, I don’t mind traveling traveling off season and would prefer lesser crowds so I’ll save money on a flight and spend that extra cash on an activity like a cooking class.

Consider Off Peak Travel

If you don’t like crowds, this may be a perfect way to travel. If your job is flexible or not, maybe save up PTO to take a vacation in middle of September. Traveling during off-peak seasons can often lead to lower prices for accommodations, attractions, and flights. Check this link out to coordinate where you want to go and when.

Use Grocery Stores For Meals

If your accommodation, like an Airbnb has a kitchen and refrigerator, use this as a chance to make food and buy from local markets. Instead of eating out for every meal, visit local grocery stores to buy fresh produce and other budget-friendly snacks. You can find some snacks and see what different foods they have which is fun!

Explore Alternative Airports

Flights can add up. Check prices for flights to and from nearby airports; sometimes, they can be significantly cheaper than major hubs. In addition to broadening your search to smaller airports, look at public transit as well. It is usually cheaper to take a train or bus rather than a plane or Uber/Taxi.

Utilize City Tourism Cards

Many cities offer tourism cards providing discounted or free entry to attractions and public transportation. Chicago for example has a attraction card that includes a variety of museums and attractions for over $100. Check out this link to search any city.

Embrace Free Walking Tours

Many cities offer free walking tours where you can explore key attractions with a knowledgeable local guide. A quick google search or keeping an eye in major cities will have pop ups tents or signs on how to sign up. You can also view this link to plan ahead.

walking tour as budget friendly activity
Walking tours are a great way to see the city and see things you may not have seen by bus.

Take Advantage of Student + Youth Discounts

Even if you’re not a student, some countries and regions extend youth discounts to individuals under a certain age. Keep your student ID close by to show if you need to prove it.

Leverage Social Currency

Engage with locals through social media or travel forums; sometimes, they offer insider tips or even free accommodations. Use credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees! Exchanging cash for the correct currency will also help with fees and keeping it simple.

Explore House Sitting

When traveling to different countries, house sitting can provide free accommodation in exchange for taking care of someone’s home and pets. Research it more here!

Travel Insurance with Price Drop Protection

Some travel insurance policies offer price drop protection, refunding the difference if your booked accommodation or flight becomes cheaper. This is a nice hack to know just in case! Look into it here.

Pack a Reusable Water Bottle

Save money by refilling a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water during your travels. Certain countries, like the United States of America and Italy, have water fountains you can drink from or fill up your water bottle.

Travel the world and learn
There’s nothing like traveling and the lessons you learn.

Travel smart

Traveling consciously is important for those who need to stick to a budget. Budget-friendly travel is subjective, so what works for one person may not work for another. Make sure to keep in mind your priorities and what you want to spend your money on. Personally, I’ll stay in a dorm hostel if it means I can splurge on dinner out. Or travel by train to save some money for experiences at the next destination. Be clear about your goals and traveling can be affordable.

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