Activities in Cozumel

We flew into Cozumel, Mexico and took a taxi to our resort Iberostar. This was my first time at an all inclusive and it was so much fun! There are a variety of activities everyday that you can find in a calendar on the Iberostar app. This was helpful to pick and choose what to engage in throughout the week. I chose water aerobics and then created our own games of beach volleyball and cornhole.

Viewpoint of Cozumel
Downtown Cozumel

However, there are also excursions you can choose at the reception desk. We were fortunate to do various activities in Cozumel like take a jeep tour around the island, swim with dolphins, and snorkel around the island.

Jeep Tour

This jeep tour got us off the resort to see what else Cozumel had to offer. We started by visiting Mayan Ruins and learned about the culture that has been for a very long time. Then, our drive to visit alligators at a swamp like location where they were just relaxing under the dock we were walking on. After, we snorkeled in the ocean and also had a tequila tasting and yummy tacos for lunch.

Jeeps in line at lunch spot
Jeeps of the tour at the snorkel spot

After that, we headed to a lighthouse where there were shops! When you do this jeep tour, be sure to bring sunscreen, LOTS of mosquito repellant, and water!

Ocean view
View from the lighthouse

We started the tour in the morning and arrived back at our resort at about 4pm- just in time to shower and get dinner! The tour makes it super easy as we walked out of our resort to the street and they had our jeep ready for us so we hopped in and got going!

Beautiful white wash lighthouse
Lighthouse stop

Swim with Dolphins

We were gifted this opportunity to swim with Dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. This has been something I wanted to do for so long and finally had the chance to do it!

Kisses from my dolphin
Dolphin kisses

It was so much fun and our dolphins were named Charlie and Myranda who were so smart and playful! There was about 10 of us in the group in the water and the instructor stood out of the water and told us how to position our body for the dolphins to swim up. Once we were in position he sent the dolphins to us.

Holding onto dolphins fins
One of the positions we were able to do!

There are a variety of things to do with the dolphins from getting a kiss on the cheek to being pushed out of the water. Dolphin Discovery definitely made it a time to remember, so this is a must do when you choose activities in Cozumel.

Snorkeling the second best reef

Island Reef boat for excursion
Boat for snorkeling

I had no idea that Cozumel has the second best reef in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef! Luckily, Iberostar Cozumel had a dock where tons of fish hung out under. I’m not good with types of fish so you’ll have to take my word for it. We also saw starfish and stingrays!

Stingrays near the boat
Stingrays in the knee deep water

One day we did a snorkel trip where we swam two locations, including 1 that was knee with stingrays. The snorkel spots were bout 30-40 feet deep in the ocean so you definitely should be a strong swimmer to do this. This is where we ate lunch before heading back to the resort.

There was a mix up with dock closures so we left in the afternoon at 1pm and then docked at 7pm after being told we would be back at 6pm. Not sure what happened there, but we saw more of the Island and downtown Cozumel which was full of shops and restaurants.

Rainbow over the ocean water
View from the boat, waiting to dock

We also snorkeled on our Jeep tour which was fun as we walked into the water and swam to the coral reefs and saw tons more fish and conch shells.

Must do to enjoy your vacation

We definitely took advantage of the time we had and enjoyed every second of it. These activities in Cozumel should definitely be on your bucket list!

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